London Road is currently closed.

Eldon Road is currently closed.

All patients over the age of 75 are eligible for a Spring Covid Vaccination. You will have recieved a text message with a link to book an appointment. If you no longer have the link and would like to book an appointment for your Spring Covid Vaccination, please call the surgery.

Travel Clinic

  • Thank you for your request for travel advice. Travel vaccinations remain a low clinical priority, but we recognise they are important to our patients.

  • We will endeavour to do what we can to book you in but given the wider demands on our time we may not be able to accommodate you in time for your travel plans and in this scenario we would need to direct you to a travel clinic or to place you onto our waiting list.

  • Please see below some NHS websites that can help you understand the health risks for your chosen destination at one of the following NHS websites:

  • If you require any of travel vaccines, please contact:

Need Emergency Medical Care?
Call 999 Immediately

Signs of a heart attack, stroke, severe difficulty in breathing, heavy bleeding, severe injuries, seizure (fit) etc. require Emergency Medical Care.